Life is funny isn’t it? You have to laugh. You have to. It’s the only way to survive in this Crazytown called 2019; past, present and positively packed full of possible. And I am not afraid to tell you that I bank on the laugh. As in, yep, here to make a deposit. Roger that. I take the over under. I call in the pit boss. I’m that serious. I’m all about the laughter and I want it to be contagious, just like hiccups or in this case, like MadPax.

So what happens when the world is not laughing? Well that’s a loaded question, but here’s the long and the short. I make up words. It’s nothing that would get me into any trouble. It’s the way that I see the world and its my own little prescription; lens that is. Sometimes its a deep dive on two words; like funktastic or funtabuous, Cross reference with funky and fantastic meets fun and fabulous. Either way, it’s amazing. Having said that, please accept the following for your consideration.

MadPax Language

Words at their core mean something. And how you say them is everything. As with all things in life, words must be used with precision and care, add a dash of no-one is looking and there, as the smoke clears…is perfection. Some are “too-may-toe, some say toe-mah-toe,” but in the end we’re all fruit right? Other words can be considered a tad “poh-tay-toe, or perhaps
pah-tah-toe”, but don’t call the whole thing off. It’s not worth it, but climb aboard the MadPax Express, that’s worth the price of your ticket.

People will often, and I do mean often, say to me….”Excuse me, what did you just say?” with a very inquisitive, UFO-esque demeanor. So I thought to myself, this must be a general state of the nation so I had better start explaining myself. Lucy, I’m home! So let’s start from the very be-ginning, it’s a very good place to start. When you read you begin with A, B, C; when you pack you begin with M, A, D.

MadPax Dictionary

MadPax. Noun. Verb. Motto. Magic. Why say backpack when you can say MadPax? I always tell people they are cheating on me if I see them carrying another brand of backpack. The fact is, MadPax is not for all people and we respect that. But not all backpacks are MadPax either. It’s true. Anyone can wear a plain, flat, albeit most versatile pack. Sometimes the pack is for outdoor activities, maybe its for an overnight. Maybe, just maybe you use it to haul your work around, and perhaps you just want it to work. Well, MadPax can be all those things and all at the same time. MadPax are the flip side of all things funky. We want to change the way you see the world; to scream from the rooftops, “I’m here!” MadPax provides just the right amount of madness and you know who you are. But know this too. We are nuts about you, I mean to the core. We want you to see the world though the eyes of a child, consider this the beginning…

Funk up your trunk. Verb. Crazy good. Next level. This one is for all those who wear a MadPax backpack. It says, “I’m ready to get in the game Coach.” Im ready to funk up my trunk! Or, its a confident, “Yep, that’s my jam.” As in my Jimmy. It’s also a feeling, something along the lines of, I am here to funk up my trunk! It’s now or never. Say it with me now…

Expect Packarazzi. Multi-purpose. Unilateral. Noun. Verb. Action. Philosophy. Now this tagline was born ten years ago this October the 10th. It means “Look out, the paparazzi is on the prowl.” And whatever you are wearing, they want a piece. And perhaps your autograph. It’s also a great life motto as in expect crowds, expect the best if you are being your best. It is rated on a timeline. As in Oh! The places you will go. It’s the only way to measure greatness. And we like to do that one pack at a time.

Rock that fashion forward. Sentiment. Now this is a good one. You know I am talking about a girls backpack or a boys backpack, no mystery there. Rock, as in wear that thing like its your job and forward as there is no looking back. Phew! I said it. Now let’s ROCK!

And then there’s the basics…

Toddler backpack. Dull. Boring. Snooze fest. But how’s…wait for it…say it in MadPax terms. Yes. The halfpack! Yes, that’s it! Talk about a tote for tots! It’s perfection for ages 3-5. I mean, #boom! Now we are a rolling. We got this. The halfpack is for the wee man in your life; son, grandson, Godson, the sun in your set. The halfpack is fabulous because it’s one general pocket for all things positively preschool. It can manage a change of clothes, a folder and a bottle of H20. Sneak in a snack. You’ve got it.

Tote. Um. Still working on this one. You can tote quite a great deal. If you’re totes, you’re absolutely on point. Everything is working. Each thing, down to the last bite, is nothing but goodness. If you tote a tote, you need something that will hold just the right amount of all things must have. Laptop, keys, ID’s and yes please. Ladies! Check out the Fullscale backpack in a halfpack. Can you say, Drop the mic? Check it!


Best Recommendation for boy’s backpack

I’m obsessed with the BLOK design. I think it’s a great throwback to Tetris and a show piece that mimics Minecraft. Throw in a pinch of power and it’s just that, the perfect boys’ backpack.

Best Recommendation for girls backpack

The obvi answer is the Spiketus Rex or “Spike” and the Bubble backpack. These two dream schemes are the perfect blend for girls who want to show off their inner and outer creature! Spike says you can’t shake my style and the bubble suggests a bubbly, fun personality to boot. Pink backpacks, cool backpacks, school backpacks, we definitely have her covered. All hail the unicorn!

But wait, that’s not all, but that’s all for now.

Somebody call Webster…