Have I mentioned that I am a complete lunatic when it comes to my dogs? No! Don’t change the channel! You have to hear this from start to finish; all the way around, from top to bottom, inside and out. Take it in, you know you feel the same way. Animals. If you’re anything like me, then your pets are next level. For me, they are the peanut butter to my belly. Yes, I said that. Now bite this one on for size.

This love for the animals in question was an inspiration for the Mighty Bite, a miniature backpack that can rock all sorts of little corruption, from your tellie to your tell me about it. IDs and keys and all things in between. We created this little monster as a promotion for MadPax. How would we know they would be a hit for our four legged friends as well? The proof is in the pudding and that recipe for madness began at home, where all things fabulous are born.

MadPax Mighty Bites with Miagai Dog

We have three dogs, yes 3. Three dogs sounded like a great idea of the time, but it’s like having 2 or more children. In football terms, you are going from one-on-one defense to zone defense; and that is only the beginning. So for those who don’t like football, think of it as 3 times. Three times, then three times over…3 times the love, three times the laughter, three times the potential shedding goodness, and man are they good. As I look back now, I did not even consider what 3 would actually look like, I just thought…well I did not think about it at all. So let’s start there.

Triple-up Ori-Pei Feast

Our four-legged friends are fondly known as an Ori-Pei, which is just fancytown for half Shar-Pei and half Pug. I’m not even sure how you would say more than one Ori-pei, would it be Ori-posse, Ori-pod, Or a whatever? Whatever the case, they are 100 percent Deeeelicious. Ah, yes. I’ll take absolutely for $400 Alec.

Our DogsDogs are like people in that each fur bundle should have a full name; first, middle and last. Don’t kid yourself, we owe it to them. And keep in mind that names must be chosen with great care; as with anything or anyone, they deserve that. Don’t you just know there are people in there, it must be true. Talk about being trapped inside a 7 year itch. I completely believe that my dog is talking to me and no, not in English; in her native tongue. Tell me I’m wrong. And if I’m wrong, I don’t want to be right:)

Picture if you will, a Shar-Pei head literally stuffed into a pug body. The body is puffy. It cannot be avoided. Wrinkle meet wrinkle and top that off with a side of, you guessed it, wrinkle. Genius. Talk about doubling down! Either way, people will approach me and say, “Man, your pugs are fat.” And I lovingly return with, “Their not pugs.”

And I am aware, you are not supposed to pick favorites, but I do have one and I still feel a bucket of mother’s guilt about it. Maybe just a little. Her name. (looking both ways as if to lead you into a pact of secrecy is) well, have a look for yourself.

Miagi Doh Huber.

Say it with me folks, Me-Yah-Gee Doh! Hue-ber. To the naked eye and ear, the names of our dogs have always been over-the-top. As it should be with most things, names are about tradition or in this case, a serious production of epic proportions. Check out our personal roster of ruff ruff:

  • Mokuli. Only child here. (First time parents completely unaware of the namesake rules) Giant on every level. 140 pounds of Rhodesian Ridgeback, straight out of the Lion King. Gorgeous animal. Not to be missed. Paired well with the following..
  • Takai Hamachisan Huber, the original. He was the Master. Enter the dragon. He and Mokuli were like the Odd Couple; a serious case of ‘There Goes the Neighborhood.’ One gigundo table surfer and one little old wrinkled soul, the first of the Ori-Pei to land at Camp Huber.
  • Miagi Doh Huber, well obviously. See attached photo:) Enough said. Talk about Expect Pawparazzi!
  • Elouise Von Picklebottom, named most respectfully and specifically by my daughter who suggested that she looked like an “old lady” when she first arrived home. Queen of Lazytown and snore extraordinaire.

And wait, there has to be a villain… you guessed it…

  • Aiko Aiko Unday, who is now doing business as Richard. Are you picking up what I am putting down? This guy is nuts; what began as a simple foster relationship has resulted in a long-term commitment for all things medicated.

Photos clearly available upon request. Dogs are a little reminder that life really is what you name it. It’s also an adventure, so take a bite.

What’s on the menu?

MadPax Founder, Tina Huber