What says freedom, other than speech and fireworks? It’s America’s game and I pledge my allegiance. Baseball. Cue the anthem. Now people, you probably think baseball is the slowest game in the modern world and guess what? You would be right… but it’s also a game of who’s with a wedge of who done it. A little suspense with a curve of nerve. And it all boils down to a game of chess. It’s who has the distance and WHO.. CAN…GO… ALL…THE…WAY… home that is.

And that’s just the first inning. But don’t think you’re taking those backpacks inside the coliseum boys and girls, because it’s not going to happen….more on that later.

Let’s begin with the starting lineup. I mean really? These guys are beasts right? They have it in the bag, the proverbial sports bag if you want to know the truth. Talk about the right stuff. Think about it. These guys are big, fast and ferociously fierce. And that’s without steroids. They are GIANTS and not just in Frisco. They can literally run the Kessel in just over 12 parsecs; that’s password for hyper speed. Yep, you just missed him.

They do not have a business card, but are traded on the roster card by baseball card. Insane. And you can’t do that with just anyone. Trust me. I know.

What does it all mean you ask? It’s a team sport right? Yes and no. Personal performance is prime and very few make it to prime time. They pay their dues on a bus in the minors and the pay is even minor than that. They want to win and they have to do so over, and over and over. 160 plus overs..I’m hungover just thinking about it. Imagine that, 162 games in a season. I’d like to buy a vowel please. Oof!

These guys move and those moves are a world series of rocket bats to tip their hat; signals home and to the bone. You have to respect that. Payday is not just a candy bar kids. Rain or shine, snow or blow, they are out there, out there on a free and clear day. You gotta love it.

People at a Baseball Game at a Stadium

Look to the stands and it will not take long to see that baseball attracts the funny crowd. Some dress to impress, others could really care less. Some are bold and some are old. It’s really a genetic bouillabaisse worth its recipe in gold. Baseball can be the ultimate game for kids and that’s the best game in town. They are so eager, so excited, so hands on! It’s really a great thing to see. You must remember what it was like to see the field for the first time; the lights, the camera and the action Jackson. It was peanuts and pictures, ballparks and franks. Pretzels and pop tops. It was awesome. #sohitahomer

Today it’s just a little growns up. You may not feel the freedom or the fireworks that you did as a kid, but baseball is still the place you can dream. it’s that time to be free! The season is nearly half way in the books. So get out there. Don’t walk, run. Grab a game with your gang or hang with your homies. Friends or fam, it is an offensive with a defensive leap of faith. And if you have the golden ticket, it’s all the way to the chocolate factory Charlie.

Now strap on some pride for a nine inning ride for this is a ball meets girl.

How would this mad scientist know anything about a batters box of braun? Well simple enough, I married a baseball player. I did. I signed the dotted line nearly 21 years ago with a pension for passion and an option for of course. Talk about way to go team! That’s right, I was a cleat chaser. At least that’s what they said. I just thought I could be the closer. It was a rough game on and off the field. I was not the one who would follow my would be around small towns, but I was the one who took home the most valuable player. We have two smaller free agents in the game. Its a blast, just like the game of baseball. And if you’re on the playing for the win, it’s just a walk in the park.

Batter up!

By the by, Is it just pure devastation that you no longer carry your backpack into the national coliseums of crush it? I say Yes, but Fenway says “No way.” Wrigley maybe? “Ruh Roh.” Not happening. But just because you can’t pack it in, always remember to pack on the memories one at bat at a time. I’m counting on you…and you’re ahead in the count.
Stay strong sports fans.

MadPax Founder, Tina Huber

Photos by Gary Shear and Megan Ellis on Unsplash