Bob Marley would headline the biggest GLOBAL musical show of all time. I really believe that. Talk about a festival of funktastic. And think, you would not have to sell your soul to attend. People would follow Bob around like the Grateful Dead, except they would be just that…grateful. Ticket prices would not be about the Benjamins. #rubalamp. Let a girl dream, okay?

He’s was the man. He was. He stood for all the things the current world craves; peace, love and happinuts. He was good vibes, strong tribes and connected lives. The bottom line is that music brings people together; sharing in one common song. But that’s getting ahead of myself.

It’s festival season folks and that means let’s rock. Or roll if that’s your bag. From rainbow fur booties to grab your hoodies, music fests can bring out the best in all of us. Bands of all shapes, sizes and sometimes compromises, are poised to show us how strike a chord with both your fashion and your musical forward. But remember this. The days of your old school musical carpet ride are over and your days of making the music have just begun. So jump into my hot tub time machine, it’s time to turn up the heat with a flashback flash forward.

DJ at Music Festival

Let’s start with the fact that today’s music experience is planets away from back in the day. I remember paying 5 bucks ticket to see U2 in concert. We were packed into a stadium to be a part of the filming of Rattle and Hum. And Oh did we rattle! Today you had better pack a bag because these musical marathons will keep you on board for days. Just impressive.

Back then, snack on popcorn, sip your soda. Repeat. Today, it’s modern munch, grilled sweet corn and craft beer. Cue the butter. Back then, T-shirts and tanks. Today, T-shirts, tanks and totes, not to mention tents to texts. In other words, music fests are next level. Just think how far we’ve come. And that’s a long way baby!

Picture if you will a slumber party of at least 10 young ladies checking in for a birthday blowout. Parents are prepped with pizza and we were ready to spin it to win it. Little drama llamas, disguised as 5th graders, would gather around the record player. Tonight it would be “London Calling” by The Clash. We would play those tunes until the Midnight Oil. It was the salad days and the list was long. Blondie, the B-52’s, INXS and the Twins, the twins Thompson. We would rock out and rock lobster. Down, (insert pause ) Down, (wait for it) Down. (do the mash poe-tay-toe! ). We had a blasty blast.

Then onto college where I would punch in the alternative and punch out the mopey. “From “Our House” by Madness to Morrisey, the brooding Emo. Knowing what I know now, no need for the Ouija Board.

So hit the hyper drive and here we are, 2019. Welcome to the Jungle. Take a look of who’s on deck. From Coachella to Bonnaroo, I call it a who knows who. Coachella is a fashion show. It blows my door how these women rock the desert. Bonarroo takes on a parade. Throw in a show of biblical proportions and you have a recipe of rock! So be a peeper, take a quick look see for what’s on deck.

Then… we pack.

Start with the power essentials; from sunscreen to you know what I mean; its all about the tools of the trade. Water. Check. ID. Check Check. Smart Phone. Well you get the point. You can rock a fanny pack or a tote, just make sure that you’re hands free! Free to get happy! Then text your friends and grab your gear because the hot new music is here. Represent!

Now I may not be heading to the next Burning Man festival, but tonight, it’s time to cue the Khalid. No waiting in line for the must have ticket of choice. No need to haul your gear into the desert only to barter with a buddy for your next meal. Just pop online, purchase your pick and tote your ticket via text. We really are living in a world that really does rock, no matter how you roll.

This time, I’m off with my number one girl. I’ve got us packed. We will head out together in our Thursday night best, grab some grub and rock us some rhythm…yes old school, yes together. I hope we don’t Clash, but I’m ready for her to find her own Madness.

I know Bob would be proud.

MadPax Founder, Tina Huber

Photos by Krists Luhaers and Eric Ward on Unsplash