3 Tails!

Love for the animals, in particular our dogs who are of the Ori-Pei variety, was an inspiration for the Mighty Bite, a miniature backpack that can rock all sorts of little corruption. We created this little monster as a promotion for MadPax, but enough about that. This dispatch isn't about the pack so much as it is about the pups.

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Iris Apfel is my spirit animal

Iris Apfel. She is style icon, decorator, designer, world traveler, curator, entrepreneur, editor, spokesperson extraordinaire, author, influencer and inspiration. Trust me when I tell you, this chick takes the cake. And does she ever; all slices of it please and thank you.

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A spiky idea. From one funky backpack to MadPax!

MadPax's story started with a simple idea on the way to school one day. Here's how one spiky backpack, a fortune cookie and a trip to Sin City among other things spawned a brand rooted in being one's self and most importantly, having fun!

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