I love to travel. I do. There really is nothing like it. One minute you’re in your hometown and within hours…BAM, you’re not in Kanas anymore. Cue the tornado, but ditch the witch. It is both adventure and accident, something like love; to be entered into without abandon or not at all. I’ll shoot for the sure thing. Each time, every time. Count me in Captain Cupid.

And summer is the perfect time to pack it up. Yes, selfless promotion here. It’s all about the gear and It’s time for your backpack. Everyone has their must have and mine have MadPax. Although the design has changed, the reason remains the same. I can see them! Yes, the kid and the pack. It’s not hard to spot a backpack in a sea of I can’t see my peeps! It’s hard to miss a backpack that packs a punch. And with most things in this world, it’s not when you get there, but how, why, with and why not.

Travel Adventure

We travel by car if not too far, but I prefer to fly. It’s all in the details and those require a seat. So let’s taco ‘bout it. There is a comedian who reminds us of the miracle of flight. And it really is just that. Think about it. We don’t have wings (although how amazing would THAT be?) I mean I would head to the highest high. Nonstop flight. First stop, the Rocky Mountains. Or maybe the Tetons of Wyoming. I mean why not? The point is there is so much to see so get up and get out! At least while the gettin’ is good.

Let’s check into flight 2019 already in progress. I mean where else can you double down a drink, munch a meal, click a flick or flash your stash all in mid air. It’s a direct flight from point A to terminal B. Grab that people mover and boy you’re moving. As comedian CK Louis would attest… you are flying in a chair in the sky. Remember that. Um good point. At least we’re not walking. Roger that. I’ll take the Lazy Boy that won’t recline.

From the Grand Canyon to the Grand “Ole Opry, there’s always something to do. From the MOMA to our memory making monumental museums across the country, call it must see TV. You can race to Space at Canaveral or get face to face with the presidents of Mount Rushmore. Just rush to see it and see it all. And if you are in it to win it, you refuse to be left out. There’s just one question…are you packed? MadPax says yes and yes. You might lose your luggage, but you’ll never lose sight of your kids…not this summer anyway.

Consider MadPax a be-con of recon and I say bring it on! The bright spikes of the Spiketus Rex roar with the same spirit. “I’m right here Mom.” “Over here Dad”! Don’t freak out Grandpa.” “I’m on my own, but I got this folks.” Talk about a talk of the town. You can’t say that about just anything. The bottom line is that MadPax has you covered. From the starting line to the finish and all the lines in between. Disneyland. Check. New York? Check Check. The Boardwalks and beyond. No threat. We got you and we’ve got your pack.

So I think about all the amazing opportunities we have had to see the playground that is our own back yard in these here United States. My hubby and I have tried to make each and every summer count. And we count them one by one. By plane or by car, we have hit the road. An RV though the woods of Alaska where we attended the Moose Dropping Festival, yep. Visual image. You’re right on target. We have flat out seen The Flat Irons of Boulder, where Beethoven meets Coldplay. And oh how we played. Then there was New York, the madness and the magic. We made our way down the Great White Way and played the lead role with a wink and a smile. There were no substitutions. We have swam with pigs in Nassau which is no small tale. And hit the beach, volleyball style. We’ve danced with Mickey and celebrated at Universal Studios. We call it a universal experience.

There have been the usual; monster lines and scary cabs, a dab of disappointment and a score of bored. Some would be considered the best of times, the others we have just considered. But we did it one way and all with one common purpose; for the adventure of being together; for good, the bad and the ugly. The adventures we have had represent a total and yet incomplete misadventure of what’s possible. And with adventure comes the unknown…

Attention all passengers, life is requesting a fly by.

Copy that…

MadPax Founder, Tina Huber

Photos by Leio McLaren (@leiomclaren) and Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash