There’s only one.

Iris Apfel is my spirit animal. No joke. Talk about rocket sauce. She has us all beat and I just try to whistle that tune in my every day. If you don’t know her, you need to be in the knowing of her. And STAT.

She is style icon, decorator, designer, world traveler, curator, entrepreneur, editor, spokesperson extraordinaire, author, influencer and inspiration. Trust me when I tell you, this chick takes the cake. And does she ever; all slices of it please and thank you.

She is the first unicorn. Sass and class. She is a big personality, a force to be reckoned with and a sense of wickedly original style. Her spirit soars at 97 years of age and oh how I’d love that lottery ticket. She created and continues to create magic. Every day. She has all the knows; the knowhow, the know to’s and she knows how to work a room. She has redecorated the White House on five, count them, 5 separate occasions. Her dress code is impeccable, fun, funk and most unexpected. She has scoured the globe for that must have item for her clients; be it furniture, fabric, jewels or jive. She is the queen of the global shopping spree and clearly, I am obsessed. But why you ask? Because she makes me want to level up in my every day. She is living a very well examined life and I love it!

So when I popped into a fabulous concept store in New York and found an assortment of her personal baubles, I knew one would be mine. It had to be precious. Kind of like Frodo, but with manageable hair. The scene? Undiscovered. The mood? Perfect with a side of curious. The hunt? Well it was on.

Slowly I approached the magic case. Hmmm, no lock. Odd. But there it was, like the light around the briefcase in a Quintin Tarantino movie, but in this case, it was merely a case of gotta have baby!

My eyes scan the tray. I don’t even think I can remember what else was there. A ring? A few neckalces? Some will call it awful, some ugly. Me, well I’d call it… amaze balls.

There it was. Giant acrylic bracelet with turquoise stones. Weird? Maybe. Fun? Absolutely. Big? Yep, that’s all me. Could I just reach and try it on? Surely not. But wait, yes! “Go ahead, try it on.” I hear in the distance. Could it be? Would it be? With sure precision and an eye on the prize, I place it on my arm. Perfect. I may have to give a leg, but it was worth it. It’s an out of this world moment when you know something has been selected by Iris, a true original; like the bracelet that now rests comfortably in my carefully curated collection of happy.

I have worn the bracelet in question under ten times, but its what it represents that brings a smile to my face each and every time I see it. I think about something She would say; a true character of such character. “Anyone can dress in black from head to toe.”

Before I left the store, I asked the gal if Iris ever came into the store to check on her wears. “Yes,” she said with a twinge of apology. I wish it could have been today I thought to myself. “Well tell her it’s gone to the right home,” I replied as I popped back on the bus with my new bauble in bag.

Life is about finding your style at just the right pace, yours. I think she would agree; to put together the perfect you, from baubles to basics, is about bringing your best you forward. Dress big, dream big and live in every color. Will do. I’m on it.

Thanks Iris.
MadPax Founder, Tina Huber