It’s Pack to School and MadPax always has your back. You have to have the right tools of the trade so let’s break it down, recess style. So get out checklists and check this out! Pencils, pens and protractors OH MY! The glue and the gear, its that time of year for selecting the perfect backpack.

It’s the supreme statement for on and off the school yard; it’s the one that says it all and all in the right ways. And If you’re here, then it’s MadPax. Positively perfect. Now let’s get to it because class is about to begin… but where to begin?

Let’s talk size.

Option 1: The Fullpack

The fullpack is for ages 5 and up. Give it an A++. This is the pack for those who need two separate compartments for all things fantastic and scholastic. It’s a traditional sized backpack. One side is padded for any electronics and has a secret zipper stash for cash, keys or as you please. The fullpack also has two exterior pockets. A chest strap to buckle in and #boom! You are the in crowd. Expect packarazzi.

Model Showing Backpack Sizes

Bubble Surfaces – Full Pack, Fly Fly Away (left) and Bubble Surfaces – Half Pack, Flamethrower (right)

Option 2: The Halfpack

The halfpack was designed for ages 5 and under, but they do find favor with teens if you please. Primary purpose is for those in a carseat. The halfpack has one compartment to carry a folder and other small tools for school. It’s also great for an overnight or just right for after school sports. Spare gear and go!

PS: Teens dig the halfpack for full adventure. Great festival bag to get the party started or statement piece for the mall. Peace Out.

PPS: Adults are known to adult with the halfpack for their grab and go. Why carry a purse when you can carry perfection; consider it an adventure of the unknown, but know one thing, it’s the last purse you’ll ever pack.

Option 3: The Pint

Talk about a tote for tots, this little monster was designed for ages 1 to 3 and running free. These guys may be pre-k or or perhaps they may just be a dinosaur in their every day. Cue the cute! Bubble pints are for those with the bubbly personality to boot. Bring on the funk.

The pint is also perfect for a lunch box, call it a nibbler, we call it necessary.

Backpack Sizing Chart

TL;DR: Here’s a backpack sizing chart!

Any questions?