Birthdays are a big deal right? Well maybe not for those sitting in the third quarter of life, like yours truly, but they are… BIG. And we need to make them that way. We do. I don’t care HOW old you are. Take that time. It won’t come again. Remember that before you can’t remember.

Derek with Backpack

MadFan Derek with one of his packs!

Birthday. Big time, big deal. Got it. Cue the candles. In other words, don’t blow it. I mean come on, you can only be 10 once in your life, so you had better play your given hand ’til you bust. And double down while you’re at it. Steve Wynn would be proud.

MadPax Backpack Collection

Now THATS a backpack collection!

And parents feel the pressure right? We want to be superheroes minus the cape. And if you’re anything like me, you not only want the win, you need the win. And you wouldn’t mind the cape. Mine? Red and rock star status. Monogram? Not necessary, but smaller details to follow…

Ponies, playgrounds, ring side politics and the entire precocious posse of potential possibility? Not happening. Can’t do it. #rubalamp. No fun, no funds, no problem. Perhaps if the stars were aligned and we ALL owned the color pink, well maybe. Maybe not. Reality? Not exactly and not even close. But there is one thing that is not negotiable. Cake and cake. I say, “Let them eat cake!”

We do. And if we don’t, we should.

So get out there and conquer with just the right gift to wash the birthday blues away. Just get mad, pax that is.

And don’t blow out your budget. Choose your gift, but choose wisely. Or so sayeth the old man from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. Come on party people. Make it MadPax. It’s not a gift card, but it is a quest for goodness and good always prevails. It’s the one gift that unwraps the parental win and child seal of rocket sauce each and every time.

Houston, we are ready for takeoff…

MadPax Founder, Tina Huber

Dinosaur birthday photo by Joyce Adams on Unsplash