It’s time to rock the BLOK. We broke the mold on this one; so get off the grind and cast a spell with BLOK, the fab formula of funk from your friends at MadPax. Mighty towers of power and punch meet squares or rate; consider it the first step in rocking your rep. Bottom line, BLOK party at your house; we’ll bring the dip!



Where the cosmos and the crazy candy collections collide. From lunar to lunatic, the Surfaces collection has you covered. So explore your world, consider it one small step for the spectacle and one giant leap for loud, proud and outside the crowd.


For those about to rock, we salute you! These packs are for those on a roll and on the go. *Roadies not included.


Talk about a flashback with a flash forward twist. Artipacks, where artists from the past collide with those of the future. Be an ART of the collection. Limited quantities available.